Some of our partners have shared with us that they love getting to come to the camp and volunteer. It is a way for them to be a hands-on part of our ministry that not only benefits the camp but them as well. Whether you are a youth leader looking for a service project or a retiree with skilled hands, there are always projects to work on at the camp. You can give us an afternoon or a whole week; we are thankful for whatever you give us. Below are just a few ways to get in on the fun.



Scheduled Workdays

During the Winter and Spring, we often schedule large scale workdays on several Saturdays. These days are open to all skill levels with multiple projects taking place. These days are usually scheduled in the morning and are announced via our email notifications and our newsletters. If you want to find out when the next workday is, call the office or sign up for our email updates on the home page.

Work Projects

Often the preference of small groups or youth groups, this form of volunteering is a single project that a group wants to do for the camp as well as to build relationships within their group. Scheduling such a day can be done by contacting the office. Whether it be splitting logs or cleaning a building, all of these projects are things that need done but that we don't generally have time or manpower to do on our own.

Weekday Volunteers

Our camp manager, Tim, is always working on projects and often can use the help of a skilled adult. His projects are often for a smaller group (1-3 people) who have proficiency with tools and construction, electrical, carpentry, or maintenance. If want to come split some logs, we have lots of that to do as well. If you would like to do this one time or make it a recurring event, then please know that we all greatly appreciate your willingness to serve with us. If you would like to know what kinds of projects we could use your help on then feel free to call the office and ask (the list changes on a regular basis).

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