Service Crew

Want to serve God and other people this summer?


Want to grow in your relationship with Christ?


Want to do something more worthwhile than sit around and sleep?


Want to be part of a great team impacting campers for Christ?

Then SERVICE CREW might just be for you!

Service Crew is an opportunity for High School Students to experience an incredible adventure of following Christ. When we truly follow Christ – moment by moment, selflessly, and without excuse, it is a definite adventure and most rewarding!

Come join our team and be a part of this summer’s adventure.

Bear Lake Camp’s Service Crew is a volunteer, servant leadership program for High School Students. This program has become a critical component for the summer staff, the campers and the entire program. Service Crew is intentionally designed to teach positive and responsible work habits, to promote teamwork and team living, and to encourage excellence in all we do for the Lord (Col 3:23).

Got Questions?

(Most frequent questions and answers)

You must have completed at least your first year of high school.

We ask that Service Crew applicants serve at least two weeks over the course of the summer. We know this is not always possible due to other commitments, but we believe the servant leadership and discipleship aspects of Service Crew are most effective when participated in for at least two weeks.

No, Service Crew is a volunteer position. 

Housing and all your meals are provided during your week at camp.

Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by mid-May. If accepted, you will be required to attend Staff Training Day in June.

Every morning before breakfast, the Service Crew spend some time doing a personal devotion.


At each meal you sit with the campers and eat with them, build relationships, and encourage positive life skills at the table. After each meal, the Service Crew are responsible for cleaning the Dining Room and doing the dishes.


After breakfast, the cabin bathrooms are cleaned by the Service Crew.


Then each day, you will either do a work project in the morning and participate in the afternoon activities with the campers or the other way around.


At Snack Shack, the Service Crew run the store and hand out the snacks. Service Crew participate in the evening game and Chapel each night.


And before bed, the Service Crew gets together for reflection and prayer for the day.