Financial Partnerships


Contributions towards this fund will help us with the many projects we have identified in order to improve our facilities and grounds.  Continued interior construction on the MAC as well as programming expansions/development are a part of this fund. In addition to these projects, the Perry Property renovations are funded in this way.

General Operations Fund

Everyone has bills to pay, and BLC is no exception. With the rising costs of heat and energy, it costs the camp more than ever to pay its bills. Money donated to this fund is used for not only bills, but also general upkeep costs that are not necessarily glamorous, but are an important part of the camp ministry. Having lightbulbs that work and toilet paper on hand are also types of things that fit under this heading.

200/10 FACTOR:

Persons coming together who believe in the ministry of Bear Lake Camp and contributing a little, a huge impact can be made. We are seeking individuals to contribute at least $10 monthly in order to establish a donor association to help replace the conference funds that once subsidized the camp.   We currently have 100 members giving at least $10.00 per month.  This is 1/2 of our goal donors for the 200/10 Factor project. To receive more information on becoming a 200/10 partner, email or call the camp office (260-799-5988).


Each year we are approached by campers whose families do not have the resources to pay the full Registration Fee required to attend Bear Lake Camp. We need individuals who have a strong interest in assisting giving kids "A Christian Camp Experience". Your gift will help more young people experience a week of positive relationships, Godly teachings and solid fun. A week of camp costs $270 for one child; donors can give full scholarships, multiple scholarships or even partial scholarships. Any amount is received with thanksgiving and goes completely towards ensuring a child will get to come to camp.

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