Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions at BLC. If your question is not in this list, please feel contact our offices at 260-799-5988 or info@bearlakecamp.com and we will do our best to provide you with the answer.

How does Bear Lake Camp hire staff?

Bear Lake Camp hires our staff through a very intentional process to ensure we are able to provide your camper with the safest and best possible camp experience. Our hiring process includes recruiting, an in depth application, reference checks, a personal interview with Leadership Staff, and a background check. We do this to find college students who are not only passionate about Jesus and want to share that passion with your child but who are also qualified to work in our programs. Our favorite way to find staff is when our campers grow up and want to come back to be a part of the ministry team, but we also love to have new, fresh faces mixed in as well. We strive to put together a team of staff members who are mature, well trained, actively growing in their own relationships with Jesus, and excited about spending a summer serving our campers and you!

What kind of camps does Bear Lake Camp offer?

Bear Lake Camp offers 8 different residential camps for students entering the 2nd grade through graduating high school seniors. Our camps are are 5 night camp except for our youngest campers. Our Junior 3 week is 4 nights and ends on Friday evening, and our Primary Overnight is a 24hr "taste of camp." Our camps are broken down by grade ranges and can be found on our Summer Program page.

What time do I drop off/pick up my camper?

Check In time for each week is Sunday from 4:30-5:30pm (except Primary Overnight- 10:00am Friday) and pick up is 6:30pm Friday evening (except Primary Overnight- 10:00am, Saturday and Junior 3- 6:30pm, Thursday evening).

Does BLC offer programs other than summer?

During the other three seasons, BLC offers and programs middle school and high school retreats (reCHARGE and Defrost) as well as a women’s retreat (Breathe). We also have an annual “Sr. Day Away” for friends of the camp who are over 55 or older. Beyond our own programming, we also rent our facilities out to retreat groups from local churches and parachurch ministries.

Can I tour the camp?

Tours of camp can be arranged if needed, but we recommend you attend our BLC Open House in April to get a tour of the facility, meet our Resident Staff, ask questions, as well as a allow you and your child(ren) to become acquainted with BLC!

What is BLC's Cell Phone Policy?

One of BLC's Core Values is "Awayness". What this means is that one of the things that makes camp special and effective is that when you are at camp, you get to take a vacation from the distractions of life. By registering and attending in a BLC program, you and your camper are agreeing to either not bring or turn in your cell phone and other devices fully engage with God, others, and the camp program. In addition, having cell phones in cabins and at other activities presents a privacy and safety issue that is best avoided by not having the devices present. While it may be intimidating to think about going a whole week without your device, the vast majority of our campers come back to camp again looking forward to a week with no pressure to be constantly posting and liking. If you have questions about our policy, please feel free to call our office at 260-799-5988 or email us at info@bearlakecamp.com.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

Each registration must be accompanied with a $25 non-refundable deposit to guarantee a spot for that registrant. Account balances must be paid in full before or during check in on Monday morning. If a registration must be cancelled, all but the $25 deposit is refunded to you.

Are there any camp registration discounts?

BLC Offers two registration discounts: the Early Bird Discount and the Share the Love Discount.

  • Early Bird is a $40 discount applied to each registration received before April 20th, 2019.
  • Share the Love is a $50 discount for inviting a first time camper who then registers for and attends the same week of camp as your camper. Due to the criteria for this discount, Share the Love cannot be applied to your account until check in for your week of camp.
  • Neither of our discounts can be applied to the Primary Overnight.


What does a typical day look like?

7:00 am                         Polar Bearing

7:30 am                         Wake Up!!

8:05 am                         Flag Pole

8:15 am                         BREAKFAST

9:00 am                         Cabin Clean up

9:25 am                         Personal Devotions

9:50- 10:25 am             Cabin Bible Study

10:30- 11:15 am         Choice Activity #1

11:20- 12:05 pm         Choice Activity #2

12:15 pm                       LUNCH

1:00 pm                         Cabin Time

1:30 pm                         Rotation #1

2:30 pm                         SNACK SHACK

3:00 pm                         Rotation #2

4:00 pm                         Free Time / Tournaments

5:30 pm                         SUPPER

6:30 pm                         Evening Activity

7:30 pm                         SNACK SHACK

8:15 pm                         Worship/Chapel

9:30 pm                         Night Activity / Camp Fire

10:15pm                        Cabin Time

Does BLC offer scholarships?

We do offer a limited number of scholarships, both partial and full. We ask that you first request assistance from your home church so that we can provide scholarships to those who have exhausted all other possibilities and would be unable to attend camp without a BLC scholarship. We don't ever want money to keep a child from experiencing camp and are always seeking more people to sponsor campers who are unable to pay their own way. A scholarship application can be found at the bottom of our registration page.

Can I transfer registration to a different week or camper?

YES! But this must be done by our Registrar to prevent you from being automatically charged $25 for cancelling a reservation and submitting a new reservation. Please call our offices at 260-799-5988 M-F between 9 and 4 to request a reservation transfer.

How does BLC handle medical care for campers?

Each camper is required to have a health form filled out with their registration (registrations are not accepted without this form). Each week we have a licensed RN or LPN on staff to administer all medications and first aid. Part of Check In for your camp session is turning in medicine to the nurse with all instructions for administration as well as to either approve or deny permission for the nurse to give your child Tylenol or Ibuprofen if they should need it. In the event your camper were to become sick, we will contact you regarding care and/or need for pick-up. All medication (prescription and over the counter) must be turned into the nurse- rescue inhalers and insulin pumps are exceptions to this rule.

How does BLC train their staff?

The entire BLC summer staff undergoes an intensive week-long training course that includes instruction in camping best practices and policies with regards to caring for our campers physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. We spend time turning our staff into a team with one purpose: that our campers might meet Jesus in a setting where they not only feel safe, but are safe and loved. In addition, our staff are all certified in CPR and AED in case of emergencies. In addition, specialized training is provided for our kitchen, waterfront, recreation, and counseling staff so that they are prepared for the specifics responsibilities of each job.

How do I contact camp in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, please call our office phone number: 260-799-5988. This number is forwarded to a leadership staff member’s cell phone when no one is in the office. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a voicemail and we will return it ASAP.

How do I communicate with my camper while they attend camp?

There are two ways to communicate with your camper when they are attending campEmail: send emails to camper@bearlakecamp.com and please put your camper’s name in the subject line. We distribute emails at least once a day.

Letters can be sent to

Camper Name

c/o Bear Lake Camp

1805 S. 16th St

Albion, IN 467001

How will my child's roommates be chosen?

As part of the registration process, each camper is allowed to REQUEST up to two “cabin mates.” These cabin mates must be of the same gender as the camper. We do our best to honor at least one of these requests for every camper, but we are unable guarantee this due to cabin-group size, other campers’ requests and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. In the event that your camper is not placed in a cabin with either of their cabin mate requests, fear not! This does not mean they will not be able to spend time together during the week. There are many opportunities to spend time with these friends during non-cabin activities. We also highly encourage campers to develop new friendships at camp. Camp is a great place to get a chance to find new lifelong friends!

Can I request a counselor for my camper?

We do not accept counselor requests due to the fact that we always have multiple new counselors each year and we like to give campers the opportunity to build relationships with multiple staff people over the course of their years camping at BLC.

What do I do in order to pick up my camper early?

Camp sessions are planned in such a way that camp is a journey for each attendee. The spiritual, relational, and even recreational aspects of camp are designed with the entire Sun-Fri time intentionally used for the best experience and outcomes for each child. Picking up your camper early will not only prevent them from participating in the closure of the week, it also is a distraction to other campers and the staff to have a camper leave before the end time. If there is no way to avoid an early pick-up, we ask that you 1) notify the staff during check-in on Sunday evening and 2) call to confirm the pick-up 24hrs before arriving to pick up your camper.

Will my child need money?

Our Snack Shack operates on a debit system and each camper has an account that can be deposited into with the registration or at check-in on Sunday. There is no need for a camper to have any money in their bags or on their person during the week.

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